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Filled Water Barrier Jersey Barricade is Safer than a Concrete Barrier

Concrete barriers are designed for permanence – in theory, they can be removed once they have served their purpose but they do not offer the convenience of relocation within a few minutes! Jersey barriers made of UV stabilized polyethylene are a lightweight solution designed to protect rather than cause injury to people on either side of the barricade.

Plastic jersey barriers are as versatile as they are safe! 

Our plastic jersey barriers are favored for their easy setup, portability, and compact storage after each use. Easily maneuverable, jersey barriers make an excellent choice for construction sites and renovation projects, whether they’re at airports or highways or in the city. They can be used in the following ways:

  • Controlling crowds at events
  • Slow down and catch suspects at border checkpoints
  • As an effective counterterrorism measure
  • Perimeter protection of important government buildings
  • Defining parking areas
  • Traffic control on highways undergoing repairs

Features and benefits of Guardian plastic jersey barriers

  • Material: UV Inhibitors / Low-Density Polyethylene
  • Measurements: 
      • Height: 32”, Length: 72”, Width: 18”
      • Height: 2.7ft, Length: 6ft, Width: 1.5ft
      • Height: 0.81m, Length: 1.83m, Width: 0.46m
  • Designed to be filled with water for added weight and stability. 
  • Weight: Empty 70 lbs | Water Filled 850 lbs
  • Colors: Orange and White
  • Wall Thickness: 0.25″ or 6.35 mm (avg.)
  • Water can be filled into each barricade via a 6″ hole located at the top
  • The bottom has a 2” drain hole for draining off water
  • 6” thinner than a Standard Jersey Barrier

Choosing the right jersey barrier is important

In view of the variety of applications for jersey traffic barriers, you might not be sure what kind of water filled jersey barrier is the perfect fit for your needs.

Our low-profile (32” tall) plastic jersey barriers are also excellent for establishing a work zone at construction sites or establishing boundaries for crowd control at events and packed public spaces. Jersey barriers can be easily interlocked with each other to form a long water-filled barrier wall of unlimited lengths of every need.

These low profile water filled barriers are rotational molded for superior quality and durability. These barricades are ideal for:

Road construction is hazardous. Workers face oncoming traffic, dangerous driving, and inadequate equipment. You will find the perfect solution in our highly acclaimed water filled jersey barrier, which will protect workers and motorists alike.

Additional information

Weight 85 lbs
Dimensions L 72 x W 18 x H 32 in

Black, Charcoal, Desert Tan, Gray, Military Green, Orange, Red, White, Yellow

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