Plastic Jersey Water Filled Barricades On Roadways
WATER-WALL™ HIGHWAY BARRIERS - Water Filled Barricades
Thumb Model Height Width Length Weight Spec Sheet
Water-Wall™ Highway Barriers JB-801 32in 18in 72in

80lbs (Empty)

1,110 lbs (Water Filled)

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Water Filled Barricades For Highway and Traffic Safety

  • Durable polyethylene plastic minimizes cracking and breaking
  • Molded through holes eliminate bowing when filled with water
  • Double wall knuckle design minimizes breakage at hinge points
  • Hinge design allows for a 30-degree pivot between sections
  • Large 8″ fill hole speeds filling process, includes twist-lock plastic cap
  • New tamper resistant, corner offset drain plug with coarse buttress thread – screws in or out in only 2 1/2 turns
  • Includes one steel connection pin that allows sections of water filled barricades to be locked together
  • Forklift/Pallet Jack slots at bottom allow for easy movement and transport
  • Standard colors are orange/red or white – additional colors available upon request
  • Will accept plastic or chain-link fence (with extended connection pins)


Tests were conducted to evaluate longitudinal barriers (defined as “a device whose primary functions are to prevent vehicular penetration and to safely redirect an errant vehicle away from a roadside or median hazard”).

These tests were designed to evaluate one or more principal performance factors: structural adequacy, occupant risk, and post-impact behavior of a vehicle.

Two sections of 350 Highway barriers were examined: Length of Need (the part of the barrier designed to contain and redirect an errant vehicle) and Transition (the part of the barrier between and connecting sections of different lateral stiffness and/or differing design)

The Water-Wall™ Highway WATER FILLED BARRICADES meet Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3 standards.

Level 1: Vehicle speed of 50 km/hour (31 mph) impacting at angles of 20-25 degrees. Products qualifying at this level are deemed acceptable for some work zones, and very low-volume, low-speed local streets and highways.

Level 2: Vehicle speed of 70 km/hour (43.5 mph) impacting at angles of 20-25 degrees. Products that qualify at this level are deemed acceptable for most local and collector roads and many work zones.

Level 3: Vehicle speed of 100 km/hour (62.1 mph) impacting at angles of 20-25 degrees. It is to this level that most crash-tested safety features in use on U.S. highways have been qualified Highway barriers that qualify at this level are acceptable for a wide range of high-speed arterial highways.

WARNING: Some recent fabricators have made 350 claims without verifiable testing that may create unreasonable risk in the work zone. You may want to question test claims stemming from vague grandfather clauses for self-certification.

Contact us if documentation is required confirming state acceptance of the Guardian unit at each vehicle speed level.

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Water-Wall™ Plastic Highway Barriers