Concrete Barriers

A.K.A Concrete Jersey Barriers


Tamis Corporation offers the experience and convenience of a Nationwide network of both 350 Guardian Plastic Jersey Barriers and J-Style Concrete Highway Barriers. If you are looking for something more heavy duty than plastic, water-filled barriers, then you’ve come to the correct place. We have a wide selection of concrete jersey barriers for your road, highway and traffic needs.


Concrete Barriers


Thumb Model Height Width Length Weight
Concrete Barriers JB-CNJ08 32in 24in 96in 3200lbs
Concrete Barriers JB-CNJ10 32in 24in 120in 4000lbs
Concrete Barriers JB-CNJ12 32in 24in 144in 4800lbs
Concrete Barriers JB-CFS08 32in 24in 96in 4000lbs
Concrete Barriers JB-CFS10 32in 24in 120in 5000lbs
Concrete Barriers JB-CFS12 32in 24in 144in 6000lbs


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