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Advantages of Plastic Jersey Barriers:

Plastic jersey barriers can be filled with water for maximum durability and security

When empty, water-fillable barriers are easily transported, making them the ideal barricade for short-term projects

Barriers are in a variety of colors for increased visibility and safety

Plastic jersey barriers are available in multiple styles and sizes to fit every application

Small jobs or short-term projects often can’t justify the cost of concrete Jersey barriers. In these cases, Plastic Jersey highway barriers save you time and money, because they can be moved easily – no trucks or cranes are needed. Plastic Jersey barriers are also economical because they can be re-used for road projects, construction areas, special events, emergencies and other situations.

Waterfilled Barriers

This event was utilizing steel barriers and plastic jersey barriers together for vehicular and pedestrian traffic control.








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Top Selling Water-Filled Barriers

24in x 96in Barrier

This low-profile (24 inches in height) yet long barrier is frequently used to temporarily block off closed areas of parking lots or streets. Barriers, which can interlock with each other, are available in multiple high-visibility colors.

42in x 72in Barrier

This standard-height (42 inches tall), water-fillable plastic jersey barrier can be used as a highway barrier, or to block off areas in work zones or construction zones. Available in seven colors, these barriers provide high visibility.

32in x 72in Barrier

Ideal for blocking off temporary “no access” work zones on roads or in parking lots and available in seven colors (custom colors also available). Weights between 85-140 pounds.