Low Profile Plastic Jersey Barrier 72 in x 32


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Lightweight and impact-resistant, our low profile plastic jersey barrier is one of the strongest and safest barriers available. Water filled traffic barriers are widely used on highways, construction sites, and sewer projects, as well as during natural disasters.

These low-profile (32” tall) fillable jersey barriers can also be used to delineate restricted spaces or work zones in parking lots or on streets without blocking visibility. Water filled jersey barriers can be easily interlocked with each other for unlimited lengths.

This low-profile (32 inches tall) water-filled barrier can be used to block off restricted spaces or work zones in parking lots or on streets. Available in multiple colors, these barriers can interlock with each other.

A plastic jersey barrier is safer than conventional concrete barriers

A concrete barrier’s high density can pose a real danger to motorists in the unfortunate event of a collision. Plastic barriers are designed to more easily absorb impact if struck by a vehicle, making them an excellent choice for protecting motorists from severe injury following an accident.

Both versatile and safe

Our jersey barriers are highly preferred for their portability, easy setup, and ability to hold up to extreme use and weather. Much easier to move and store, these plastic jersey barriers are a perfect fit for temporary work zones and construction sites. Some possible uses include:

  • Crowd control
  • Border patrol
  • Flight line
  • Race tracks
  • Parking lots
  • Traffic control

Features and Benefits

  • Material: UV Inhibitors / Low-Density Polyethylene
  • Measurements: 
      • Height: 32”, Length: 72”, Width: 18”
      • Height: 2.7ft, Length: 6ft, Width: 1.5ft
      • Height: 0.81m, Length: 1.83m, Width: 0.46m
  • Designed to be filled with water for added weight and stability. 
  • Weight: Empty 70 lbs | Water Filled 850 lbs
  • Colors: Safety Orange | White
  • Wall Thickness: 0.25″ or 6.35 mm (avg.)
  • Each barricade can be filled with water via the 6” hole at the top of the barricade
  • The bottom has a 2” drain hole for draining off water
  • A safer alternative to concrete barriers for motorists 
  • Uniform wall thickness with thicker corners and edges

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Additional information

Weight 70 lbs
Dimensions L 72 x W 18 x H 32 in

Beige, Blue, Green, Orange, Red, White, Yellow

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