Plastic Jersey Barricades, or Water-Filled Barriers, Are a Great Option When Building a Go Kart Race Track

Building a go kart race track can be an exciting and rewarding project, whether for a fundraiser, a church summer jamboree, or a permanent installation at a local raceway. Here’s how to create a fantastic go kart race track with a few well-thought-out steps.

Materials for a Safe and Secure Go Kart Race Track

Common materials for go kart race tracks include concrete barricades, metal barricades, and plastic barricades. While metal and concrete barriers are often used in other applications, they aren’t ideal for go-kart tracks due to safety concerns. Concrete is best suited for heavy-duty locations, such as construction sites, and metal barricades can become flimsy and develop jagged edges over time. This makes plastic the safest and most effective option for building a go kart race track.

Why Choose Plastic Barricades?

Plastic, water-filled barricades offer superior impact resistance, making them perfect for go kart race tracks. These barricades help reduce the severity of vehicle crashes, protecting both the go-karts and their drivers. Visibility is another critical aspect of go-kart track safety. Bright-colored plastic barricades, available in colors like orange or white, ensure high visibility and clear guidance for drivers.

Ideal Plastic Barricades for Go-Kart Race Tracks

At, we offer many types of barricades suitable for various applications, whether indoor, outdoor, temporary, or permanent. Our plastic barricades are made from high-density polyethylene (HDPE) or low-density polyethylene (LDPE), providing exceptional impact resistance, high visibility, and unmatched safety. These barricades are easy to install, can be linked together to form a continuous barrier, and offer compact storage. We offer both 24″ mid-profile airport barriers and 10″ low-profile barricades that work perfectly as go kart track walls.

Steps to Build Your Go-Kart Race Track

1. Determine Your Go-Kart Track Needs

Start by identifying your track’s requirements. You’ll need a large area of land or a lot (an approved church or business parking lot might be ideal), a paved surface (concrete or asphalt), and some of our plastic, water-fillable barricades. Planning the course layout on paper and ordering necessary items such as barricades, flags, and other supplies will streamline the process.Plastic Jersey Barrier

2. Prepare the Ground for the Course

Depending on your chosen surface, prepare the ground accordingly:

  • Dirt Track: Level the ground by removing grass and topsoil, bulldozing, and ensuring the raceway is smooth. Consider laying a distinct type of dirt, such as southern red rock dirt, for clear track demarcation.
  • Concrete or Asphalt: If pouring your own concrete or asphalt, mark the area with string and plywood posts, dig to create a mold about six inches deep, add an inch of sand, and then pour the concrete or asphalt.
  • Existing Parking Lot: If using a local parking lot, ensure the track is clear of debris and ready to be lined. Mark the course outline with chalk or paint before lining it with barricades.

3. Line the Go-Kart Route

Use our most popular 24” mid-profile barricades for a secure and visible track. These barricades are sturdy, heavy when ballasted, and provide excellent stability. Alternatively, our 10” low-profile airport barricades are versatile and ideal for creating lanes and marking hazards.

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4. Mark the Route Clearly

Once the track is set up and ballasted, add arrows for course direction, lane markings, and a start and finish line. Flags can add extra flair and visibility.

5. Create Spectator Viewing Space

Spectators bring excitement to go-kart races. Ensure they have a safe viewing space by using our plastic billboard barricades to delineate areas for the audience and racers. We also offer many other products that can help with queue lines such as belt stanchions, stanchion panels, steel barricades and even portable fencing.

Go-Kart Racing Fun for Everyone

Go-kart races are a creative and fun activity for all ages. Plastic jersey barriers have been used in various events, such as the Las Vegas Segway Ninebot Experience and the Chattanooga Green Prix, showcasing their versatility and safety.

Want to see plastic jersey barricades in action? Check out the video of the course at Richmond Raceway, created with 24” mid-profile barricades.

Build your go kart race track with confidence using’s reliable and safe plastic barricades!