Plastic Jersey – an Effective Alternative for Concrete Jersey Barrier

Especially for short-term usage, Plastic Jersey Barrier is a viable alternative to concrete Jersey Barrier – especially when considering overall safety in the work zone and potential insurance and lawsuit claims.

The majority of vehicular injuries in road construction accidents occur to the passengers in the vehicle and not to the construction workers. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics in 2007, almost 9 drivers or passengers are killed for every highway worker. When you consider the G-Forces involved a concrete Jersey Barrier collision, these statistics are not surprising.

Plastic Jersey offers a unique alternative that will help minimize the risk to highway workers and also help improve the safety of vehicle occupants in a barrier impact situation.  As seen in the above video, the deflection of properly installed plastic highway barricades is adequate in many situations. The impact force drops from a high of 23 G’s in a 25-degree impact on a concrete Jersey barrier down to a high of 12 G’s in water-filled Plastic Jersey Barrier impact.

The plastic Jersey barrier has clear advantages over concrete barriers in force absorption and this can lead to real savings in insurance claims and lawsuits to the contractor. Just watch the deflection test video above to see for yourself.

If you would like more information on suitable applications for plastic highway barriers, contact a specialist at Tamis.