Guardian – 24 inch Low Profile Water-Filled Barrier



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Orange 24 inch Low Profile Water plastic jersey barriers stand out among other colors of PVC barriers as they provide a higher level of visibility than any other color, which makes them easier to recognize in risky workplaces such as highway operations and construction sites, reducing accident damages.

Orange plastic jersey barriers are both tough and reliable

Usually, water-filled barriers are composed of impact-resistant polyethylene, they can withstand a low-severity car impact and also redirect an out-of-control typical sedan. 

Along with the ease of mobility, the easier setup of water jersey barriers makes them an ideal option for temporary road restrictions. They are hollow inside with structural support from a web frame, and a small forklift can be used to transport and position empty barriers in place. Water is then added to the plastic barriers to give them extra stability to absorb impact. 

Low Profile Plastic Jersey Barrier

Plastic jersey barriers are safer than concrete barriers for motorists and workers

Concrete barriers can be a safety risk for motorists and pedestrians following a collision. Plastic jersey barriers absorb car crash impacts better than concrete barriers, reducing the risk of severe damage. 

Moreover, water-filled barriers are considered a more practical and cost-effective alternative, given that they can be deployed repeatedly and in a wide range of situations.

The perfect fit for a broad range of projects

Plastic barriers are strong, versatile, weather-resistant, portable, stackable and affordable. Orange plastic jersey barriers are as effective at road construction sites as they are in a theme park for safeguarding visitors. The bright orange color makes them easy to see and a great choice for these possible uses:

  • Establishing highway access points 
  • Parking lots
  • Airport construction
  • Border patrol
  • Recreational use at events and theme parks
  • Construction site perimeter

24 inch Low Profile Water Features and benefits 

  • Material: UV Resistant Polyethylene
  • Measurements: 
    • Height: 24”, Length: 95”, Width: 24”
    • Height: 2ft, Length: 8ft, Width: 2ft
    • Height: 0.61m, Length: 2.44m, Width: 0.61m
  • Weight: Empty 140 lbs | Water Filled 1350 lbs
  • Colors: Orange and White
  • Wall Thickness: 0.25″ or 6.35 mm (avg.)
  • Designed to be filled with water for added weight and stability via a 6″ hole on top
  • The bottom has a 2” drain hole for draining the water
  • Forklift accessible


Additional information

Weight 140 lbs
Dimensions L 96 x W 24 x H 24 in

Charcoal, Gray, Green, Orange, Red, Silver, Tan, White, Yellow

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