About Guardian Plastic Safety Barriers and Barricades

Guardian plastic construction barriers are a light-weight water filled safety barrier which is used around construction sites and other areas where crowd control is required. These plastic safety barriers can be easily installed in areas that have to be secured. The reason why these safety barriers are widely used is due to the following advantages:

  • High Visibility: The Guardian Safety Barrier comes in a wide array of bright fluorescent colors such as orange, yellow, red, white and green which are easily visible even in the dark. This feature finds their use in construction sites or highways where the motorists would be able to see them during the night.
  • High Durability: The Guardian Safety Barrier is UV protected. Thus it will not be affected by sun’s rays even after prolonged exposure. Since this safety barrier is made of plastic, it does not rot or rust in any temperature conditions. Another good feature of this safety barrier is that it does not fade, hence it could be used for a very long time without losing its functionality.
  • Reusability: The main advantage of using this kind of plastic water-filled safety barrier is that it can be emptied and taken to another location once it has served its purpose in a particular location.
  • Space Saving Design: The Guardian safety barrier is designed in such a way that it can be stacked one on top of the other saving a lot of storage space. This feature allows large number of safety barriers to be shipped to any location very easily. There are no screws or other movable parts and hence does not require any assembling. The safety barrier just needs water to be filled and it will be ready to use.
  • Easy Installation: These safety barriers are very easy to install as they are light-weight. It does not require many people to install it and hence can be used in emergencies very efficiently. Once installed it can easily be shifted around wherever required. Maintaining these safety barriers is also an easy task as they come in a single piece.

Due to such remarkable features which promise safety and security wherever it is installed, the Guardian plastic safety barrier find its use in many areas. Some of them are as follows:

Vehicular Traffic Control:

These safety barriers find their use on highways where there is a heavy flow of traffic. They can act as medians separating two roads. They can even be used to divide the road into separate lanes to segregate different kinds of motorists. Since they are water filled safety barriers, in case of an accident, if a vehicle rams against them it will not be impacted much. Thus it saves the motorists from fatal injuries. Due to their visibility they are highly effective for this kind of traffic control.

Construction Sites:

The Guardian Safety Barrier can be used on construction sites where there is a presence of large number of workers. This would warn others from entering into the site and prevent them from getting injured in case some construction material falls off from one of the top floors where work is going on.

Large Industries:

These barriers are commonly used in construction industries which have large machines. Plastic safety barriers can be used to isolate the area containing the machinery to help keep workers from wandering into dangerous zones.

In Case of Emergency:

The Guardian Safety Barrier can be used wherever isolation of any area has to be done at a short notice. For instance, these safety barriers could be used on a crime scene or accident area, to prevent the general public to interfere with the procedures. When there are natural calamities these safety barriers can be used to isolate the affected areas. Since the Guardian safety barriers can be easily transported and assembled, they are highly useful in case of an emergency.

The Guardian Plastic Safety Barriers provide great safety and security features. Thus they could be used in many areas where there is a possibility of an accident happening. Plastic safety barriers, when properly used, can greatly increase the speed and efficiency in which aid is delivered.