Temporary Perimeter Control Large Kit 28 Panels


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Temporary Perimeter Control Large Kit

Everything you need for your temporary site fencing.

Perimeter Patrol Portable Security Panels create an enclosed space or linear fence for outdoor areas, accordingly. Security panels are perfect for crowd control, job site security, outdoor events, enclosed storage areas, and more. These panels create an effective way to keep people from entering your construction areas or places where there are safety concerns.

Our Perimeter Patrol kits are easy to set up. It’s the industry’s safest kit and can be linked together to create any shape needed. All welded wire panels include one powder-coated clamp which is used toward the top of adjacent panels, and the bottom of the panels slide down over the vertical rods welded onto the ground bases. Additional clamps can be purchased separately if needed. Safety yellow base plates allow floor anchoring for permanent installation.

Temporary Perimeter Control Large Kit

28 Panels, with bases and clamps 210 ft. of Welded Wire Panel Fence Run

Pack Includes:

28 Panels

29 Bases

1 Swing Gate

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Black, Yellow

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