Low Profile Plastic Barricade – 24″H x 96″L x 14″W

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Low Profile Plastic Barricade for Use in Airports and Parking Lots

There are many applications for a tough, sturdy barricade. Some customers use them in parking lots, some for Go-Karting, and others for general construction.

As a durability test, the AR24x96 O V.2 was filled with water, raised by a forklift and dropped to the pavement (see video). When dropped from a height of 18 feet, the barricade sustained a tremendous impact without breaking.

Useful Life: Minimum 8 years on Average

Specially Designed Low Profile Construction

Bigger than the AR10x96, the AR24x96 O V.2 HDPE is ideal for settings where more vertical height and substance are desirable. Our locking pin allows these barricades to form a continuous wall in almost any configuration.

The AR24x96 O V.2 uses either the C01 Light or standard construction warning lights. The AR24x96 O V.2 is highly visible and is useful for all kinds of traffic control. They can be easily repositioned using a forklift when the barricade is filled with water.

Easy-to-Install Accessories

The AR24x96 O V.2 is designed to offer the option of installing a fence on top. Fence posts can be inserted through the fill hole and will run through the barricade’s pre-formed channel, designed to keep a post vertical. Any type of fencing may be attached.

*Meets requirements of FAA Advisory Circular 150-2370-2E.

Additional information

Weight675 lbs
Dimensions96 × 16 × 24 in

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