LineEx Plastic Pedestrian Barricade



The Next Generation of Plastic Crowd Control Barricades

FINALLY! – A plastic barricade that is durable enough to replace galvanized steel barriers.

For the past two decades, plastic pedestrian barriers have been an attractive option for portable crowd control. They are lightweight, easy to move, and have a more attractive appearance than the standard steel barricade. However, when it came to durability and longevity, they could never measure up to the metal barricades.

With our NEW LineEx Plastic Pedestrian Barricade – THAT ALL CHANGES!

Unlike the standard manufacturing processes for similar plastic barriers, the LinkEx barricade is made with 100% Polypropylene. Because of this superior method, our barriers can last longer under harsher conditions. 

LineEx Plastic Barricade Key Advantages


Technical Details

Width:6.6 feet
Height:3.6 feet
Weight:26.4 pounds
Feet Length:1.6 feet
Wall Thickness:0.2 inches – 0.6 inches

Additional information

Weight11.97 lbs
Dimensions19.2 × 79.2 × 43.2 in

Black, Blue, Green, Orange, Red, Silver, White, Yellow

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